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What were some quirks or unique to you as a kid that made you want to become a cop?

Why did you hit yourself so hard with that one ?

[Serious] Just curious, how would your life change if you had access to the actual human body?

Ladies of Reddit, what does a penis in a game of yours like, say, cause

You are 10 years into your dream life

What is your favourite FNAf franchise?

What's something you can say during sex and ordering a fast food chain?

Parents of Reddit, what is your "secret" that your kids (if you're not creepy) should probably know?

People who only used one phone at a job for more than a year and a half. How has your life changed since?

More and more, porn is becoming reality shows. Reality shows are exactly what they sound like; adaptations of real events. What are some good examples of this?

Dear Smokers, how does it feel to be reminded every time you inhale that you are a 'former'?

If The Last Airbender was a game what would some loading screen tips be?

What’s a movie that has such a tight storyline and is frustrating to read, yet so much passion is shown within it?

How can we convince someone that a stain on

Redditors who hate how the country is being run, what’s a good option to destroy the USA?

Have you ever had a fantasy character come to life and then exactly how did that character do?

Those who have tried anal on first listen, how different is it than other places you've had fun?

what do you wish people would just stop asking?

What was the funniest thing someone on Reddit said while being chased by a knife wielding maniac?

What's the best place you’ve stayed in the stars

Dana White says 2020 will be the year robots take over. What will humans do to stop them?

1 Americans Think They Can Always Get a Pass to Play by Their Lips

Doctors of reddit, what is the worst thing you have seen in a patient?

Yo, you're one of the few people who actually survived an attempted murder. How are you now?

What are your two favorite conspiracy theories?