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Dear cops who have been undercover, what's the craz

One of my all time favorite songs is "Royals," can you help?

Blind people of reddit, how is it possible that most of us have no idea what the word "introvert" even means?

Whats something weird or funny that happened to you once?

Ex-Trump haters: when did you start to get behind him?

What's the most wholesome thing a stranger has

You are lying in a pool of horse semen for the last tv spot of season 4. How much does it make you want to die?

People of reddit, what is one thing that makes the reddit experience better than other social media?

Whats the best (not necessarily sexual) way to waste $100?

Lawyers of reddit, what was your “oh shit” moment when you realized you were drunk?

[Serious] which book fucked you up mentally?

Gun experts of reddit, have you ever been using a gun to shoot someone? If so what did you do?

Your username is the title of

What's your favorite short story, in

How can people believe that dinosaurs were extinct, yet have no knowledge that the earth is slowly being destroyed by swarms of invaders?

Psychiatrists of reddit, what does a patient tell you about their professional life?

Where do you find Rob Thomas' mug shot?

When do you realize that you are a David?

What does the reddit logo stand for?

What do you hate that your parents did/said?

When did you experience love and commitment? And what was it like ?

What was the best way you've seen someone apologize for something they did years earlier?

Girls of reddit what is the longest lasting impression you have had from the penis/vagina?

How do you feel about Down Syndrome characters?

What can transgender people do to better themselves and their communities?