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Swap a word from one song title with another song title. What come out as funny, interesting, or meaningful?

What is the best explanation for why someone is mad at you?

What movie title would be improved by one letter?

people with birthmarks, how do you feel about them and how can others see them?

Conspiracy Theories are BS, how do you prove a fb con?

What is one memory that never fails to make you happy?

If scientists could communicate with humans, how would we know if climate change is happening and what can be done to stop it?

What's something that is slowly becoming socially acceptable?

What subreddits have you unsubscribed?

You spend a lot of your free time on Reddit. What is one thing you do that you thought would make a huge viral story but didn't?

What's something about yourself that sounds completely made up?

Whats one genre that you feel has become way overrated?

You go back to a pre-agricultural era to find out how crops have changed the world… what do you find out about the past century that is positive?

What do you miss the most about your childhood?

What’s the most wholesome thing someone's ever done for you?

People who didn’t lose their virginity

How do you feel about a law stating that any time someone loses their job, they automatically lose their right to bear arms?

Porn stars of Reddit what is the strangest thing a fan said during a porno contest ?

The guy who gets upvotes but doesn't upload anything has earned himself a redditor. What are his / usernames?

Redditors, what are some good subreddits you don’t use?

What is your favourite moment from Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

What is better - a good read or a good cry?

Ya know when there’s this cute guy at work but he’s in the army and knows everyone's secrets?

It was announced today that District 9 will be getting a sequel! What would be the sequel's plot?

People of Reddit who have a tendency to recall past lives, what was it like to be able to do this again?