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Gamers of reddit, what is the best time to post a comment?

What's the cutest thing someone has ever done for you?

Non Americans, how do you think of Australia?

If death has

Most people think the universe is full of happy, endearing, never-ending happy people. But what's the real story of the universe?

What happens when you die?

How do you guys feel about the police brutality videos?

So my gifter went AWOL and haven't posted anything for like a year and a half or so. What up?

What was the most badass thing a police officer did to you?

What is your best 'since forever' moment?

Redditors who are trans, how did your life change after coming out/transitioning?

The pre-order bonus content for Super Meat Boy is getting dropped, but there's still a lot of it to finish. What's the most badass thing you've collected?

Sock fuckers of Reddit, why did you decide on sock fuckers as a design language?

Has the resurrection of Jesus changed your mind about religion?

Men of reddit, what are some examples of how a female friend's advances have affected you?

[Serious] What is a real life example of "toxic masculinity" that you can share?

What are you NOT voting for, but planning to do in the next election?

If someone offered you $1 million to take 10 minutes of your time, would you do it and why?

Gamers of reddit, what is your honest opinion on people who can’t stop laughing when you explain something to them?

What if you could swap places with someone best friend, at will, and they would always be able to’t tell what you do in between the two of you?

Have you ever been “romantically” involved with a homeless person? If so how is their lifestyle?

From now on you masturbate using one of the following objects:

People who post "how the f*ck did you do that" questions here, why?

Americans, how would you describe your new Police force?

I moved to another country, how has that affected you?