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[Serious] college students of Reddit, have you ever been a "Horny Student"? If so, what's the story?

How do you feel about scientologists?

[Serious] people who support Trump: Why?

I am a fucking recluse, and I just dont know how to connect the dots between the things in life.

People with birthmarks, how do you look at people who get them and how do they make you feel?

If your username was your porn name, what would that porn name be?

The moon is hiding a pair of enormous red hands behind its transparent surface. You are James Bond, able to pry the hands off the moon with the click of a button. What twitter handle would you use to announce your presence to the entire world?

Who is the most toxic person you have meet? How did you meet them, other than through online dating?

Why do you like Ivanka so much?

Redditors with children, how do you feel about raising 'em like royalty?

How do you feel about "he who remains the same, will eventually lose himself" - how would you like to be loved?

To the people that say trump is the president why?

For the people that say that life is too short and that you'll die alone, how do you manage to be happy with who you are and what are your hobbies?

What was a small thing that made your day better?

What is a terrible movie everyone has at one point or another?

People with racist parents, why?

For the people who don't use google as their primary search engine, what are some top search results you've seen for "going to war with the powers that be?"

What are the reasons why some women don’t like to be called "mommy"?

If EVERYBANAN... EVERYBODY switches to NORMAL HUMAN SEX for a week, and then back to HYPERTHROPOD for a month... what’s the endgame?

Since today is Father's Day

What was the most painful experience you've had with a blogger?

People with terminal illnesses, how have you or someone you know made a difference in your life?

If book smart cards became widely adopted, what types of smart cards could be programmed to fulfill specific functions?

What should be a problem but isn't?

People with internet, what the fastest way to ruin your day?