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What does a situation like the 2011 London bombings make you think about the increasing militarization of our society and the fact that our government is still actively funding and arming the police?

People who leave question marks over popular shows, movies and games, why?

Girls of reddit what type of penis would you pick, gynephilia/fetish and dicksluts?

"Man can he is a demon, he can touch anything he wants just as long as he has one sin?" What are your thoughts on the last question?

Gamers of reddit, how did you first discover (or come to terms with) the fetishes you see in the community?

Redditors with children under 18, how do you feel about them not knowing sex ed but still having lots of fun?

Uni students of reddit what is one thing about your University that

Why are

White suburban moms who raised honest, hard working kids, how does it make you feel that someone as blatantly dishonest as yourself is able to do what you do?

Do you support mandatory drug testing to get Medicare / Medicaid and Food Stamps?

How do you feel about Local 10 ruining the 2010 MLB All Star Game?

People who beat their wives / girlfriends around, why?

What is the best system for reporting stolen stuffs?

People with religious beliefs, what do you believe and why?

What other website could you upvote for a million dollars?

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When did childhood become a "thing"?

People who are defending President Trump, what is your favorite example of a false flag operation that he has pulled off?

What are some of the BEST pick up lines ever?

Dear women of Reddit, what’s the most ridiculous thing a guy has ever said to you?

People who reply with "lol" will get a reply like this one:

The Borg need a Rick Astley to brainwash them into assimilating into their genetically engineered (geeky) forms, how do you think the world will be transformed?

What is your funniest rickroll story?

There are about 13.5 million monkeys in the world

Who is your favourite siren?