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What’s the most retarded thing you’ve seen a parent do?

What's the most interesting movie you've ever seen and what was it about?

[Serious] Black Americans of Reddit, what's your story?

@SubredditIf you can only travel back in time 10 seconds, in what situation would you be happiest playing hide and go seek than talking to an actual person?

What would you do if you had superpowers?

Would you believe a girlfriend would willingly give herself to you, why?

What is the strangest thing that made you cry like crazy?

What do you consider to be "too much" for a kid to handle?

What do you think about JK Rowling's comment about Harry Potter fans being the worst kind of people?

You are being chased by four buzz cut dudes who are after your lmao what to do?

What do you prefer: an anime or a videogame?

What if you had a minute to play a video game for $1 million?

How do you feel about Donald Trumps presidency?

People who have wanked it, how has it affected your sex life?

Just gonna say it for the record, but if people are going to support President Trump and his administration, they need to leave the KKK, Nazis, and CP movement at the door. That's all they have and that's all they will ever have. What do you think?

What’s a terrible anime everyone should give a go at least once?

What's your worst "fantasy" where you've actually taken place?

What are some of the best movie opening scenes?

Whats the best item you have ever bought?

is it possible for this post to make it to the front page without any comment?

People who have been SWAT'd, what was the worst thing you saw while you were

How would things be different if Hitler was a woman?

What would be the greatest fuck goodrion of all time?

What are some underrated good songs that most people have never heard of?

You have until the end of the year to produce a children's television show that will air on Fox. What is it?