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What's something that happened at Hogwarts that was completely worth it?

What was a school assignment that you did that ended up being a huge failure?

People who write “order be disobeLLYER” on their things: what do you do with all the disobeying?

People with "made in USA" t-shirts: what's with all the hype? Do you actually put that much effort into your design, or is it just a ruse?

You get a ton of karma, but when your ken-dong is found leaking out of your ass, all of your karma will be sucked into the universe and you'll never be back down. Do you do it? Why or why not?

People who live near the places shown in "Diners, Drive In and Dives", what is your opinion about the places?

Ladies, what is your favorite brand of porn?

What's a podcast so good it's worth a whole book?

[Serious] What are some good options for a first date that aren’t toxic?

People of Reddit with small towns do you have

What exactly do you like about 2020 and why?

How do you think your day will go?

What are some small things that make a huge difference to your life?

What have you found out about the internets that surprised you the most?

What’s the most exaggerated story you can tell about a personal life?

If aliens arrived and you had to choose one species to rule them all, which would you choose: Humans or Avant Garde?

What would be the point of having a kid if you can always count on someone to provide the affection?

(NSFW) People who have stuck their fingers up your ass while you slept, why?

Whats one stupid thing you've done in your life?

What is something you are proud to be american?

What are some sub reddits you do not join?

What are the top 10 things that will make or break your marriage?

Do you think a ton of famous people are jerks? Why or why not?

So, what do you think of Neo's?

But while we're on the subject of not being able to read someone else's minds, what do you guys think they should be able to read but can't?