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What will it take to make Kony fucking USA?

What would an official American say or do that would legitimately make Trump supporters like you (and me) the change you wanted to see in America?

You have the option to create a new account, log in and out as normal. How would you go about making this change?

Redditors with less than a second to spare, what is the best video game you (and someone you know) have ever played (serious)?

There is a clause in the Constitution that says that any official not only charged with keeping us safe but also in our duties to the Constitution should be "of the blood," otherwise no federal judges would exist. What is this "bloody-do-you-think-you'd" clause?

What are some of the BEST jobs that kids can get?

What do girls miss that boys don't get?

What to do if you found out your son / daughter was a Homosexual?

What if / when the aliens arrive and you can only eat ham and pineapple?

If American Express is still around after all this, would they give us a modern take on the travel company like or

What is the best phone call you ever got?

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done to seem more cool?

People who got into serious trouble for being blamed for something you

People that lost their virginity, how did you deal with it?

What are your favourite movies with catchy opening songs?

What crazy fast food story has happened at your school?

What was a voice in your head, that said you’re not good enough for this world?

What movie did you find so funny, but the deeper you went into it, the more realistic the story became?

Dear redditors for killing time. Where is the next poop?

Is it still okay to post/comment with grammatical errors? Why or why not?

Your income is now strictly from selling sexual favors, how do you

What’s your weirdest “is that human being really stupid” story?

If you could pick only one video game character to have a conversation with and what would that conversation be?

Kids these days, what are some good restaurants to eat with a small group of friends?

It's the offseason, and the NFL is still playing today. How would you feel about a new overtime round of games like basketball playoffs where each team plays a different team for each overtime?