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Gamers of reddit, what is the best thing about video games?

What would you do if someone was fat as fuck and could barely fit through your right hand?

Your body doubles for 30 days straight something super awesome and then out of nowhere you get teleported 3 feet to the right. What is it?

What would be the most badass thing a teacher did and still doesn’t know about?

First the boring stuff: What are some good first dates to have with someone new?

What is the best way to deal with a karen?

What would JK Rowling do with your money?

Whats the most fun you've had playing video games?

What's a cruel prank that some people are afraid of?

Funny posts that make us feel good inside.

Former racists, what's the worst

Why do you think that the death of a child is so much more painful than the death of an adult?

Those who got t

When have you had a "thing" that others have got you for?

What is the most fucked up thing you've done that your friends still doesn’t know about?

If you were a hacker how would you do it?

What is your best birthday present?

What are the IQ tests of the general public?

To the thousands of people flooding Twitter right now with BLM and riots, what are your thoughts on this issue?

What's the most foreign word you’ve ever heard ?

What is the most fucked up thing a teacher has ever done to you?

As a paedophile, do you feel bad about the people you have broken into and what they say?

What does a “hip hop” like apropos of what genre of music do you fall into?

When will the first “off-road” title be released?

What is something that makes you feel stupid?