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Lawyers, what is one certainty that anyone can say in court?

Cops of reddit: why are you cops and not citizens and what exactly are you supposed to do for a living?

Gamers of Reddit: What’s a rare occasion where you have played into a stereotype?

Furries of reddit, why do you have so many friends and why are you so easily overwhelmed?

What was the 'Game Over' screen in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?

People of Reddit who are currently visualizing the worst nightmare you ever had, what is it and what is it about?

People who firmly believe that white people are racists, how do you convince yourself of this?

How do you feel about College Dropout Wilfred?

Doctors of reddit, what was the best excuse you've ever heard for a patient not feeling well?

People with small-town names like yours, how does it make you feel to be able to boast about your town and its people?

What's the most "fuck this, I quit!" thing you've ever done?

Is there any other kind of porn?

Those who were on show like iZombie or the Superbowl ad, what were some of the most interesting cases of creative matching that you saw?

What is your opinion on the Man Utd?

Should we stop censoring reddit? Why or why not?

[Serious] If someone offered you a million dollars to take a picture of their penis then take it to the woodshed in Montana in the middle of the night and wait for them to repeat the act how would you accept?

Just to be safe, which cartoon would you put in your ass and why?

What would you do if you find out your son / daughter was a

reddit, what is one time you had a bad judgment call and why?

What are the NSFW links on this sub?

What would have happened

If you had an app that let you turn off all your smart phones, but you have a ton of them charged, which ones would you turn off first?

People who wear masks in public, why?

If the 2012 presidential election was a movie, what would the title be?

What food would be good in