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The plot of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Club is that a cruel family member marries a sadistic twin. What type of ridiculousness is in the above picture?

Karens of reddit who stopped breastfeeding, why?

Who is someone you feel bad for?

If someone lost their virginity, what should the posters of the lost virginity say?

Girls of Reddit, what is the most sexiest story that you guys have ever played?

What was a famous person's best moment?

Dear girls of reddit, how did you approach the perfect body, after all of the teasing and rejection, and still

What was your biggest “we're in this together” moment?

People who grew up with old parents, how did they handle it and which side job did you always get to do?

1. What is the best Latin phrase you've ever heard?

There are 1,000s of different types of porn per day on the Internet, what’s the most frustrating thing you’ve found in the morn?

[Serious] why are you so against free speech ?

How much do you think about Kavanughs?

People with actual blue balls, what is your weakest point?

Hey reddit, what is the most fucked up thing your ex has done?

What are some great comeback videos from Trump rallies?

In July 2016, four white American football players knifed a black man to death.

What is your relationship with karma?

What is the funniest thing that you’ve heard from an angry mob?

This is the question on the subreddit. It is also the question on r/askreddit .

What was the one piece of advice given by a teacher, you still remember?

People of Reddit who speak >1 languages, what language do you think in?

What’s a funny story about someone getting stabbed in the ass?

If the United States was a porn hub, what would be the best video game to browse?

If puppies ate human meat, how would they react?