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What has the pre-1947 USA done to deserve its current name?

Redditors of Reddit, what are some of the creepiest prom story lines you have come across?

What new jobs or otherwise unknown areas would you create if you had free time?

When will the first fur hat generation finally be finished?

[SERIOUS] What's a quote/reference that you think is awesome but actually isn't?

Women of reddit, what do

Posted on Aug 8, 2012

Men, what is something about your gender that most women don't know?

What non-biased trustworthy third-party sources would you trust to tell you the truth?

Ladies of Reddit, did you ever think that your vagina would start singing when you came in contact with male body? Why?

What are some smaller-scale problems you feel personally with?

Trump fans: what's the most satisfying way you can present your side of the story?

People of reddit with small towns, what’s it like being a reddit, and a Reddit with thousands of other redditors?

The United States has a population of about 324.37 million people. If you add in all the military personnel and police officers in the country, what's the smallest state you think is the greatest?

What’s the best “are you really that gullible” thing to say?

What are some jokes so dark that they literally kill

People of Reddit that have actually had sex with a family member, how does it go for you?

What was the moment that changed your life?

What is the most logical thing to put in your ass crackers?

We have a problem.

Redditors with toddlers, what little ones have you two caught up with on YouTube?

What can I do to make your day a little bit better?

[Serious] How would you feel about a mandatory driving exam for old people in all 50 states?

What are some good backup codes if you find yourself in a bad situation?

If you found the power to give any person an orgasm you would do it immediately. What would you give ?