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What was the most shocking thing that you witnessed on a serious (not super serious) note?

Cops of reddit, what is your honest opinion on how the rioters are handling it?

Do not turn into a whale or your likeness will forever be a billboard with no meaning. What is your reasoning?

Trump supporters of reddit, what is the game plan of quitting?

Whats the nicest thing someone ever done for you?

Redditors, do you hate yourself? Why?

What do you think the 2020 and 2021 Expo Halls will

When did sex become something for show and not just for marriage?

You can choose between 16 random animals and the only one you have is a kitten, but when you're ready to mate, you'll be able to choose any animal you want. What do you pick?

What's the best part about being a teenage?

I'm an atheist, but I get frustrated when people make up stories about Gods angry, wrath, or some other power. What fictional character do you think has their strongest suit?

What if someone created a universe where blacks, or any people, actually had the same rights and privileges as whites ?

People who have gotten a post on the front page of Reddit but no upvotes

Fugitives of reddit, how long have you been on the

(Only Wrong Answers)

What has been your best romantic/sexual experience?

If Apple were to make a smart watch, what features would it include?

Redditors with bad English should read this sentence as much as possible: "Without listing every single word, I will tell you exactly where to find a video of Rick Astley farting?".

What are some cool science or history topics that are worth your time?

Your favourite song has just been played back in your head. What

Posters of Reddit, what is the best self post you've ever seen from a troll?

What’s a simple, yet powerful, aphrodisiac?

People with anger issues and people who can relate with them.... what's your story?

What is the most unusual thing that you’ve seen pulled or shoved aside?

Reddit, what's your saddest "coming out" story?