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The human body is made up of 84% water, what are the remaining 4%?

What’s a pretty fucked up YouTube clip?

What do you think the next big thing is going to be?

Ex-whores of reddit, when did you stop?

What’s something people over the age of 18 should probably learn about racism?

If life was

What is your favorite weird/awkward moment from Trump's presidency?

Gamers of Reddit, when did you first play a video game and what was that game?

People who have won arguments with their parents , how do you now?

The number one search topic in reddit. What is it?

If a virus killed everyone on Earth except registered Democrats, would the United States be in a better place? Why or

[Serious] Administrators of Reddit, what is the most thing drives you crazy?

What is the best alcoholic or non- alcoholic beverage ever ?

How do you guys feel about the fact that Reddit is actually a troll farm?

What is your second favorite color?

How do you guys feel about Sad Puppies?

Men of Reddit: if you were to introduce one piece of advice to a girl who is about to start on her life, what would it be?

For those who watch streams of gaming, what game do you watch more than you play?

How does a parent deal with their duty-bound child?

Reddit, what are the Top 10 Websites (From A Safety Perspective) To Master?

People of Reddit who have an IQ in the top 1% (137 or higher), what is your life like? What job

What are some good gift ideas that you can think of that would make a great present to one of your friends?

People of Reddit, as someone who has a soft spot for animals, even though there are many people who would kill us all (barring a universal early-exit to prevent global warming)

Why the f*ck is this so difficult for you to believe?

What is the most awesome thing a police officer has done?