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What's a foreign food that people do not know about?

If 9/11 happened a few months earlier, what do you think it would have effected the way you view the event afterwards?

What famous person are you most like and why?

What are some weird video game emulators

What's your favorite episode of The Office?

Guys, what is your penis size?

Whats your best 'Fuck-You-No!' moment?

What are the downsides of weed that a lot of people don’t discuss with their friends ?

What is most American thing ever?

What is your reasoning to living?

Who is your favorite artist and why?

Those who were in hardcore sex and/or knew a friend/sister who was, what was it like

The world is quickly becoming more overpopulated. In 20 years when everyone is fit and healthy everyone should be happy. What improvements have you seen to your life?

Posted 17 January 2015 - 06:52 PM

What is the strangest fact you know?

What are the downsides of weed that most people don't talk about?

What is the best video game and anime (no porn) that you have played (excluding video games)?

What would be the worst hypothetical boyfriend/girlfriend would you be if you had the power?

People of reddit who own and/or are proud of their right hand man, what right hand he/she is and how well do you do with the challenge)?

If internet was a game what would some loading screen tips be?

FEATURED VIDEO: "Ladies first, men are humans too" - how many of us are actually shedding a tear for Karens??

[Serious] Why should the world be on fire to stop the spread of fascism?

Your username is your cause of death. How you die:

Nigel Farage's massive visit to the US is a publicity stunt to try and gain media attention and boost his Ukip party. As such, what would be the point of having a large group of people filming you whilst you try and commit a crime?

What’s the best video game sound effect?