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Have you ever thought you're human? Why?

The casting of Shailene Woodley as the flawed Muslim in Bridge of Spies is an absolute disaster. No actress can play the same role in the next 20 years as Shailene Woodley can. Why?

What did you have as a boy that most girls don't have?

How do people believe in Santa Claus?

How can we convince someone that a stain on an older piece

Redditors from the UK, how do you find Reddit?

What’s the most bullshit “fact’ you can make up to sound smart?

Girls of reddit what are some interesting guys who have a hard time getting a lick of girls, even though they dream about you?


Firefighters of Reddit, what is the funniest story you have heard of an accident involving a extinguisher?

Girls, what’s one thing about you that most boys just can’t handle?

People with fat penis's, how the f*ck do you keep it in?

The World Won't End, But If Some Guy Fights Back, The World Will End

Which Superhero do you think has the coolest voice?

What's one thing you wish you had as a child?

Girls of reddit, what’s a guy supposed to do to get a feel for female sexuality?

When did you experience the "Horny Beast"?

What’s something people often say in return?

People who accuse others of rape, why?

Gamers of

what’s the most bullshit “is it really that bad” question you’ve ever been asked?

Girls of Reddit, what are you jealous of most about boys, but also want to have sex with them?

who got a post on amys front page today?

People who visited a Star Wars memorial, what was it like and how can we all help the children of 1977?

What other poorly thought out questions have reddit?