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What are some funny speels like the [SPLIT EYE] in ???, [BLADE RUNNER] in [2] and [SHADOWBASH] in ??

What are your best experiences with a lesbian?

People of Reddit you are put in the Matrix, Heaven or Hell and the final boss is you. What would you be put through?

What Is A Hologram For When You’ve Ever Needed A Comfort Food?

How did you and your family come to be ?

Those of you who work in catering, what's the strangest thing you've seen customers do?

Female redditors of Reddit, do you enjoy showing off your curvy ass, do you find it extremely sexual? And if so, how?

caught me staring at her butt crack and felt bad

What are some unusual facts about life that only men would know?

Guys, the only thing worse than having a girl over is having a guy over. How do you deal with the awkwardness/sadness inherent in having two genders?

Who is the most toxic person you've ever known?

Why can't people over the age of 85 keep up with the Joneses?

We exist in the Matrix, but the computer is playing hide and go seek. What is the longest ladder you have ever climbed?

People of Reddit with multiple accounts, what were the reasons why you had to set up so many different accounts?

What’s your "You didn’t get your wish, Christmas was too good to be true?" story?

What are your stories of positive interactions with law enforcement?

What is your favorite 'Boomer' moment?

What should companies do to combat trolls?

[Serious] What are some classic books you love but would kill to read again?

When did we start disrespecting elders?

What would a “robbery” in 2020 be like?

What does Reddit think of Trump’s response to the coronavirus outbreak right now?

With everything going on right in terms of an Ebola outbreak, the massive police response to the riots in the US and worldwide wars happening now, what’s the last thing you

If cartoons were people, who would you have cartooned for Trump?

What was something a lot of people made you believe in?