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[serious] Do you guys have any real life connections outside of work?

What made you want to leave your life?

Instead of screaming when you are in pain, you blurt out random words and sentences. What are those words/slurms?

In The Last Airbender, a bell grows to befall the world. What if it were to save us all time?

How would you feel about a law stating that tickets to terrorist attacks can only be issued if the entire city is cordoned off?

How are we going to stop these debates about "she wasn't a slut, but she was a child"?

What is the quickest way a room of 100 people turned around?

What does it smell like?

What's the weirdest reason a friend would call you?

You suddenly appear on the screen of a video game and instantly become the biggest star in the universe. How does that change your life?

Your gender is changed from male to a different gender for a day. What do you do?

Gym goers of Reddit, what is the most awkward thing a classmate has done?

People who stopped smoking cigarettes entirely, how, and when?

Everyone’s favourite beleaguered soul mate gets a happy birthday card, but what would make this particular card special?

[serious] what is the best way to deal with a cheating boyfriend?

What was the best day you've had?

His parents made him watch cartoons, and now he wants to be a cartoonist?

[Serious] Feminists of Reddit, what are your favorite quotes from men and what about them is accurate?

What is something that is difficult to live

You're a burglar but only steal things, what are you stealing?

Gay (or straight) Redditors, what is something straight people overlook when they act like you are?

If men had boobs what would the outrage be?

[Serious] Hollywood actresses who have experienced any kind of sexual abuse, what do you think of Shailene Woodley?

Cosplayers, what is your “cosplay”?

People of Reddit with children under the age of 18: do you think your childhood was better than average? Why, or why