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To the americans who are protesting, looting stores and destroying places what is wrong with you?

(NSFW) Girls of reddit do you prefer guys who can give blow jobs or girls who can't? Why?

What's your everyman fantasy?

Who said you would never play a video game if you were a kid again?

Parents of Reddit, what is the best reason your child has for not playing like a superhero or a child prodigy?

Power Rangers: Season Five is rated PG, and contains only mild graphic violence.

People with bad backs, what is the first thing you do to make yourself feel better?

How do you feel about young people discovering that they are actually psychic?

How would you feel about a character driven RPG game based on your experiences?

People with whotscism, what does your society tell you to do that actually frustrates you?

How can you convince a grown man to suck your penis?

People who stopped breastfeeding, how ?

How do you come up with new topics and continue your discussion?

What’s the most hated, musty, or annoying thing your parents did for you?

These are the winners and finalists from Season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race! Can we celebrate with a video of us dancing to 'California Gurls' by Third World?

If Jeff Bezos decided to step down as CEO of Amazon and start his own company, what would Jeff Bezos' new company be named?

Reddit, what are some good porn movie titles that go well beyond "man, they got a fire ember, they got a fire meadow, why don't they get me meadow"?

If bullets would have a life of theirs own, what types of things would have a pointless amount of time before they are shot?

What’s one terrible memory from your childhood?

Just a thought... why are all Juggalos violent?

What is something people can relate with but

In honor of Donald Trump's Inauguration Day, where in the animal kingdom are we now?

What is your favourite 80s movie and tv-show?

If you could have breakfast with one fictional person what would you have?

Redditors of Reddit, are you married? If not, why not?