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Modern language has changed the meaning of certain words. What are some of these words?

"earth." Which one are you?

You get $1,000,000 tomorrow, but every time you spend it you poop it out. What do you do?

Dear DeadPeople, how did you die?

The study "Better to be dead than sorry to be alive" gives an example of people's inability to change their behavior. What is your example?

Whats the most innocent thing a child has ever done?

Have you ever had a "thing" that was actually a "glitch in the matrix"? If so,

What can you say as a waiter that you

How do you feel about the community service run by the @USATF? They do a decent job, but the immigration raid and other problems seem to be escalating.

[Serious] Why are you so obsessed with making Reddit look super edgy?

What is you favourite thing about yourself?

Racist of reddit what is the craziest thing someone has said about you?

[Serious] Black or white? Why?

People of Reddit who have moved out, why?

Men, what’s something important you think women should know about being a man?

LGBTQIA+ AMERICANS OF reddit, what are somethings your community still doesn't know about the bisexual community?

Students of reddit, have you ever been attracted to a male English major? If so, what was it like?

What are some ways to make a good first impression?

People who have suffered from Phobias

Girls of reddit, what is one thing that makes a guy good in bed?

why do people comment on AskReddit posts

People who were the cutest childhood friends, who actually got to fuck each other like real friends?

People of Reddit, how would you describe your

Why did you click on that reddit post?

What is the stupidest thing you've ever done that actually worked?