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To what levels should we consider 'emotional abuse' in the same category as physical abuse?

What is life like in the U.S?

How come Asian/Indian people don’t generally like when whites belittle them?

Girls, how often do you get into arguing with strangers?

If somebody stuck your penis in a can of soda can finally why don't they stick it in the can?

What's the scariest thing to hear as a victim of sexual assault?

You’re alone with your phone in the dark,

People of Reddit that are so angry at Trump right now... WHY?

What is the most annoying question you're sick of seeing again and again on this sub?

Bryan Cranston is performing so well that CBS is willing to pay him $1 million per episode to keep his mouth shut. Where do you think his next monologue will take him?

Men of Reddit who gave breastfeeding mothers the middle finger, how has that worked out for you?

Good luck getting a job?

Reddit, the closest second third party to an accident, what's the story?

Imagine you've got a perfect body, but all you can eat is rice balls and candy bar wrappers. How do you feel about them?

If someone offered you 1000$ to put something up your ass, could you do it?

What Can One Student Do To Help Promote Diversity In The College Football Game?

What's the best gift your gifter has ever given you?

What was the dumbest thing you did to get a post?

Why are you typing so quickly while staring at this picture?

Dear Americans: How has everything changed since 9/11?

When did you realize you had found your soul mate?

Redditors with kids, what do you think are the biggest signs of growing up?

What are you wearing to work?

You have to have sex with

What is something you've bought that was considered socially inappropriate in your culture?