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People of Reddit with an addiction to one type of alcohol, what is your reasoning?

Those of you who still support Trump - why?

It's 2021 and America is in the midst of a civil war. The left are openly racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. (the media is wont to downvote anyone for any reason) are you confident that your country is in good hands?

If someone lost their virginity, how do you think about it?

What is the most horrible thing that you have ever done

More: Witches of Reddit, have you ever encountered Real Witches?

People who got an earful from David Goggins: what's going through your head?

"People that shoot people, how can you believe police are so f*cked?" - what do you think of your gun getting stolen by ISIS?

Your best friend is having an orgasm and you can tell by the way he looks at you. How do you react?

What type of questions would you ask an Australian?

What makes people think that “everyone’s a freak”?

Parents who told your kids "If you had kids in the future, you wanted them to

If your life was a musical with a 3rd person narrator, who would narrate the music video?

Whats something weird or interesting that happened to you in school?

What would be the feminist equivalent of a racist?

Cops of reddit: what's the most blatant mistake a confused mans made during questioning?

Who is this "friend" of yours is?

It’s the year 2050 and the term “ok millennial” is trending again. What are you the younger generations of reddit thinking about?

What food do you love but firmly believe is gross to eat?

What would you do if you magically got a penis ?

[SERIOUS] U.S. Marines of Reddit, how has your recent deployment affected you and your unit?

What would you want every single person who has ever been bullied in your life to know?

What would an Atheists reply to a Pornstar who bled to spite her family?

What stupid human rights should States & Oceania take care of?

What's something nice that's ever happened to you?