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How do you guys feel about a reddit post with the cakeday meme?

What's your favourite memory from Hillary Clinton's presidency?

What does it mean to be "Trump-ish"?

What do you think of "white lives matter" slogans?

People of Reddit that moved to Ohio and now regret it. What made you change your mind?

Redditors with less than a year left to live, what's it like?

If your personality was like a food and then another porn, what would be the names of

Dear ZooZoo, how are you holding up with the 3,000 lions?

What was the first video game that you played as a child?

What is the best YouTube channel to binge watch?

If one day you’re the opposite gender for the first time, how would life change?

Which B-Movie is your favourite?

A doctor says that you will have to have sex with him/are you interested?

How would you feel about making Bing the default search engine on all computers?

What's the best thing a friend

What are some subreddits you wish were more popular?

What is a city you really don't want to live in?

What is the scariest truth you know?

How does one go about raising a autistic child?

As a younger self, was the first video game console or gaming device you played as a child really important? If so, what game did you play as a younger self?

Your ISP is now Tony Stark's body double, what changes can we expect in the near future?

Tres "were the ones who told everyone to put a gun to their head" are you still with them?

A new species of dinosaur is discovered, and they're massive! How would you react if that meant you have to have sex with them?

What is a typical “HOLY SH!T I love you’sauce” moment in your life?

"No man is an island, so if you make an island, every man on earth is an island" - Albert Einstein