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If aliens arrived and you had to pick a gender, what would it be?

What’s something that is totally obvious to the untrained eye but nonetheless terrifies people?

Tillerson said "America has been around since 1650, and Europeans have been around since 1252. So...what are the odds that you Europeans have never heard of America or Europe?"

Have you ever been in a gang and what was your experience like? If so, was it worth it?

What has your favourite song about sex and why?

Parents of Reddit, what has your child done that is so innocent but you still can't forgive them?

You wake up in your bed in the middle of the night. You can hear a shotgun being pumped. What song do you play?

Which one of these do you prefer? The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The Big Bang Theory, or Shark Tank?

What to do to stop yourself from getting mad?

How do you get a karen?

What is the weirdest thing you have done that was also part of a prank?

People who have recovered from covid-19, how is it like?

What are some good alternatives to reddit that don't claim to be "all things equal"?

What is the best way/place/thing to have sex with as many as you can within 72

What is your most epic “we didn’t start the Fire”

You’re dating a celebrity now, what is it like?

What is your favourite Pixar movie?

People of Reddit who had a crush on your childhood friend, how did it turn out?

What is something you can say both as a woman and as a gay man?

How do I trick myself not to post stupid captchas on AskReddit?

Men of Reddit, what is your opinion on the stereotype that when a girl has her period, the only thing she can think about is you?

What is a sound that when played back together makes you go "whoosh"?

Racist of course, so don't bother trying to reason with me.

What crazy story would be changed to be tragic if it were true?

Forget remaking animated movies. What movie would you want to have an animated makeover?