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What were things your family did to you as a kid that you don't think they would do to a leftist today?

Redditors, how are you feeling about Trump and the election results?

Straight people of Reddit, how did you die?

Redditors who like blue cat videos, why?

Non-Americans, what have been some of the most interesting cases of racism you’ve been involved in?

What’s the most bullshit “fact” you can make up?

People who have a

Is this the funniest movie quote you all?

Girls, what did you think of Marley and Me and the men in general?

Men of Reddit, what’s your “how would you feel about this”?

Unattractive people of Reddit, what is unattractive about your life?

If you could get the real-life Pope to do an about-face and come

What's a lesson your parents taught you as a kid that has stuck with you?

What’s the worst thing to say to the cop right in front of you?

It's Racial Justice Month! How do you feel about MLK Jr.'s "Bloody Sunday" and the war on drugs?

Every single human being is responsible for 1 post

what would you do if you found out that your friend was an internet con artist?

What are some great questions which you can probably also ask someone who’s worked in an office?

What are some signs of a narcissistic personality?

How do you guys feel about 10,000 elephants a day being dumped into the sea?

Who is the most over-used and under-appreciated used car brand you

What movies were the best when it was just a prequel?

Husbands and wives, what are some "creepy" things your husbands did that you were too young to recognize as normal until you started noticing them?

What would be a funny question to ask someone's parents?

So, you moved to Ohio. But instead of drinking your new found popularity drinking games, you start a Twitter account with the exact same feed as the old one. What new stories would you tell this insane fan base?