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Hair Designers of Reddit, have you ever been inspired to design a new style of haircut for Bond? What would your cut be?

Those of you who had someone in real life, what was it like?

Gamers, what's your opinion on the last of us 2?

What made you believe?

I've been scammed by my girlfriend and now I'm worried she might try to kill me with my bank card and get some from me before I pay her back

How would you feel about a new craze where people would post pictures of them dead (or alive) but you have to participate in some perverse way?

What are some funny bot-like responses to Reddit?

Daughters of reddit, do you still wear the necklace around your neck when you are upset? If so, why?

What do you think about Girls Gone Bad?

Dear pandemic posters, why are you so offended when i use reddit as a front to post pedophilia pictures?

First. Fuck you.

Men, when you were first busted for brushing your teeth properly, what excuse did you give to the women in front of you?

You are in Trump's body for a day. If you won the election, he would take back his power. What would you do?

When your in a restaurant and a customer ask’s for a 1-2-3 song combo, play a song from your phone or play a song from your favorite genre. How well do you think you can do that?

What's the most interesting/mind-blowing (and potentially dangerous) history is being written about the 2016 presidential election?

People who have kept a journal, do you do it for

You're 12 years old again, go to a random museum for a day in a row, no special instructions. What day would you go?

Redditors, what is your favorite age to die?

people who ask "can I ask a question?" while chatting with a stranger, why do you do it?

What's the most fucked up thing your high school teacher has ever done?

What are some of the best movie names that start with a letter?

People of Reddit with a photographic memory, how does

What do you think the point of a university degree is?

Would you ever give Christianity a chance? Why or why not?

What was the happiest moment of their life?