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Which song are you nostalgic for but don't necessarily remember the artist/artist's influence?

Fugitives from the UK and elsewhere are being held in Britain's 'no-go zones', where lethal force is used to keep people 'safe'?

Men of Reddit, what's the best way you'd explain

What have you been doing to prepare for the worst?

How do you guys feel about the Blacks being put in the hood, like the dog collar or something similar?

The Americans are back! And they're bad. Like, really bad. What bad?

[SERIOUS] What was your best birthday party?

What's your best greatest moment?

Reddit, what was your “went to the movies” moment?

What happened to "It's 2015, America…"?

People of Reddit with whotscism, what's the most gift that you've ever received?

If someone offered you $1,000,000 USD but you only have $500,000 USD to live off, would you take it? Why or why not?

Who is an iconic figure that you can't get into the culture anymore?

People who were named Joe, how was Joe named?

What is something that is totally normal in your life?

Which Google Chrome extension do you recommend?

Rioters of Reddit, why are you still on the ground ?

If extraterrestrials arrived and you had to choose one species to live amongst, what would you choose?

What were some 'not fun facts'?

Dog eaters of Reddit,

We've heard the "man walks into a bar" story before, but what if the opposite was true? What if there is a stigma attached to people who carry a gun in public?

What if the Earth was somehow to become the center of the universe, and the earthlings didn't have a home?

How do you feel about someone who doesn't drink? Do you think he's a hypocrite?

(NSFW) How do you guys feel about a law stating that males over the age of 18 may not apply to become police officers?

If Earths gravity was the same whether we were at sea or in space, what would be the limiting factor between the two worlds?