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Doctors of reddit - what was the worst case of "touch me" you've ever seen ?

A campaign is a set of shared rules or expectations that help people to better themselves. An example of a campaign would be a Reddit post with the title " rules for proper Reddit ", in which case everyone would know what the post was about?

What did you do with your life?

What if each time you beat your meat with a wooden spoon a new movie is about how we were made?

There's a guy in my social studies class who has this really interesting story to tell about his penis.. would you like to hear it?

Males, what is something you wish others would know about you?

People of Reddit, what would you do if all your dreams came true and you were actually a police officer?

What's one moment that changed your life for the better?

What is the funniest myth you are busted

How would you feel about a profile on LOVELAND SERENITY where we get to meet the typical suspects?

If you could swap one word from your favourite movie and show what it would be, what would it be?

How can someone so obviously sick and twisted as Trump

Redditors with small kids, what’s the best way you've helped them?

Which website would you recommend to someone who still uses google for work/school/work related things?

Am I the only one

How would you feel about lifting the ban on making memes?

What is the most ridiculous thing a prosecutor, attorney, or other official has ever said to you?

What can white people do to better themselves?

What was the most outrageous thing you ever did to another person?

Why don't you do something meaningful with your life?

Parents of reddit, what is the best "weird flex you've ever seen" moment that your child has ever shown you

What do you prefer? Dog Whisperer, or Child Whisperer?

Parents of Reddit, what's the best thing that happened at school that wasn't reported to parents?

What is the best Game Boy Color Game you've ever played?

Redditors who use MS edge over google, how did you find it?