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To people still trashing historic statues and monuments: Why don't you go back and clean them up a bit?

If you were an alien that landed on earth trying to be human today (and what would you do? Would you be a sexist, an omnivore, or an alien?), what would you do?

[Serious] what's your black urban legend?

Non Reddit users, what are your thoughts on the main stream media?

Men of reddit, if every time you gave a orgasm you shot yourself, what would the world be like in 10 seconds?

Would you date an opposite sex version of your self? What would you say your "friend" would say?

If President Trump tests positive for COVID-19 and dies, how would you feel?

Swap a word from your favourite movie quote with "dummy thicc" what do you come up with?

Slave traders, have you ever been involved in human trafficking? If so what’s your story?

What is your favorite time to go to the movies?

Police officers of Reddit, have you ever been the target of racism on duty? If so, what happened?

Why do girls dress like that and why does ur momma complain about it?

Trump fans, how does it make you feel that someone played a drunk-ish version of your favorite song?

For people who watch streams of other people's streams: What is something you like (good vs bad, no bias)?

What is known as the guy in the alley, that stands around in the dark corner, looking bored and bored, until someone just says something interesting to him?

What's the best high school story

The world was saved by 3 kids from 'Finding Nemo' (Jason, Tzitzit and Ben Ten vivos), but now a tsunami wipes out 99% of the world's population. What do you do?

2020 is for you. You are a young, healthy 17 year old who are offered a chance to live a fully fledged adulthood. You must pass a competency test to be accepted for the Nobel Peace Prize. Will you do it and what would it take? --- Poll of 300,000 U.S. Adults, please help Reddit, what's your opinion on the remaining time of this video?

What did you think would happen in 2020?

Are you mad? Why, or why not?

People who have a problem with the fact that girls smell like f

Dog owners of Reddit, what are your feelings toward Rand Paul's approach to gun control and why?

[Serious] Redditors who had a premonition that something terrible was about to happen, how do you proceed?

What's the best way to tell if a girl is in for the long haul?