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Dear AskReddit, This is why you suck at asking tough questions!

Have you ever had a dream that you woke up to find out it was a prank? If so, what was it?

College graduates, what's your plan for the future?

What would be the purpose of life ?

What makes you believe in God?

How would your life be different if a stranger came up to you and asked for a gun?

What do you think of trump's second term?

Question: If Butterfingers is so fat, why does he eat bread?

Somebody once said "Everyone sees the world in a different way, so if you can relate to someone in the strangest way, you should be able to empathize with them as well." I think this applies to most people. So, what is your strangest "close friend", someone close to you?

People with larger-than-average brains, what do you do when you accidentally said something very important?

If your mom and your girlfriend swapped bodies and you've got to have sex with one of them (mom's conscience in girlfriend's body or girlfriend's conscience in mom's body) what would you choose and why?

By Mary Elizabeth Williams on November 8, 2016

What's something you're ok saying in a family?

Topical imperatives are a natural outgrowth of our species. The problem is, they often get the best possible solution from the opposite sex. How do you solve this?

you are on a date with one of your fave celebrities. one day, they will fall in love and you will be able to propose. what do you say in between sucks a dick?

What brand-new, unassuming, little thing can make your day a lot better?

What if someone's like, infront of you?

People who already went on a first date what was it like?

Forget Pandora and beyond, what are your two favorite sci-fi and fantasy movies?

What's a lesson your parents taught you as a kid

Furries of reddit, what is your greatest moment having a furry fursona?

What's your favorite gif from the internet?

Redditors of the teenager generation, what was it like to be a teenager and what would you like the gaming public to understand about the next generation?

What would happen if every one you’ve ever fucked were lesbians?

What would you do if your penis grew a second arm and it grew a third arm?