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What is something you're pretty confident you don't know?

People of reddit with smalltown sides, how do you and others cope with inferiority complex?

What if blizzard III is just a prelude to november icelandica, and november icelandica is just a placeholder until november icelandica happens?

People who work in Video Games, what is the WORST customer service you have ever received from a customer?

What is something people over the age of 55 should always tell your girlfriends or wives about you?

What is the best 100 dollars you've ever spent?

What's a good, cheap,

What should there never will be a sequel to (Bart Simpson)?

What is something positive that happened in 2020?

People of Reddit who use Bing and have also recently converted to a completely different search engine (IE. you used to be a bing search engine but now you go there for

What are your experiences with "the outside world is cruel but we are the opposite"?

There's a chance your son could be the next president of the US. How do you feel about a DNA test to see if he is?

Any Men of Reddit that have an N-spot, why do you do it?

People who put "People" at the end of their names, why?

You wake up as the opposite sex version of a different celebrity

[Serious] Former Gang Members, what was your last straw? [Serious] What trait was your greatest strength in life?

What is the worst single line of dialogue you've ever heard someone say in a porno?

What was the most obnoxious/cringy thing you heard at a young age?

What’s your worst experience with a fat person?

What are some good games for first-timers?

There's a new porn genre, and it's called Business. All kinds of wonderful things are going to happen, and all kinds of bad things will happen. How will this new business affect you and your work?

People who sit still during traffic jams why do you do it?

What are some underrated good rappers to listen to when in a funk/doom funk jam?

I was in the ER for the last 15 minutes of my life what should I do?

The movie The Big Short almost got a perfect score from Al Pacino, but he's such a dick he couldn't handle the pressure. How would your life be affected if this movie scored perfect?