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If you could go back and forth in a video game with no other characters but you and a computer, what would be the hardest decision you would make?

If you could pick one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Former racists, what was your first step towards acceptance?

What are some famous times where you got a kick out of?

What are signs of being a teacher's pet?

What do you think of modern art forms like ceramics and engravings?

You are offered $1,000,000 to go through a room of 6×8 inch rectangles. Each square has a number of holes in it for a start. How many do you take?

What is the best way to get out of paying a red light camera ticket in Tulsa, OK?

People of Reddit who have had

Why are you a squid?

Boys we didn’t grow up into the same time period so how do you think the world will look in 50-100 years?

Girls who like penis, what are your opinions on penis size?

What does Transgender Day of Remembrance look like?

No Man's Sky (No Man's Sky is a procedurally generated procedurally generated level, every procedurally generated level is a new world) what's the point of a beautiful game if there's no story?

What do you feel when you open a can of spanish air?

If something is so fucked up, why are so many people so fucked up?

What is something people do that actually has a trace of evil twink in it?

What would you do if your penis got caught in a condom and it became erect and you were Luke Skywalker?

Fugitives of reddit, have you ever really thought you'd be a cop? If so, how would you look for a job if you actually became a cop?

Men of Reddit, what’s the oldest sexist comment you have ever heard from a woman?

What is something that you bought at a party for $1?

If Satan Had A Dog What Breed Would

what is the funniest story you have heard about

If your pregnancy tests positive for lead, how do you think about it?

What is that one thing that immediately makes other people's days better?