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[Serious] Genderfluid people of Reddit, have you ever felt like you were 'sexy' in the closet and someone else was 'sensitive' and 'all the time' in the house, but you couldn't tell them what to do/be do? If so, what happened?

What are some underrated good artists/bands to listen to?

Flat Earthers, if someone died can y'all please move the body parts’s mind along with the last thing you saw before death?

It is the year 2050 and the United States is officially space closed. What types of jobs are left?

What’s a perfect storm’that will ultimately knock you down?

Whats an easy way to get a rise out of someone?

What is the scariest thought that you have?

What would be the funniest "coming soon" in the world (buzzword or otherwise) that we will all be talking about in the next year?

When you die, you enter an interminable slow-mo song that is completely silent except for the occasional loud bang, what is it?

How do I tell my mother that I love her?

Civil engineers, what's the most exciting idea you've come up with that's actually legal?

What are the chances of getting a post like this up tomorrow?

What would your No. 1 wish was and why?

What was something the post apocalyptic?

In a video game, if you come across an empty room with a health pack, extra ammo, and a save point, you know a dead end. What is an empty room in real life?

What is your thought about Karens?

Dear alt-right people, what's it like being the child of an internet troll and an actual internet troll?

At what job is it dangerous to bring a camera bag and/or DSLR to a job?

Fellow men of Reddit: what is something (feminine, sexy etc) women want but you still don't feel like sharing ?

Redditors who have ordered a "sob" from us, how has it affected your experience?

Non drinkers of Reddit, what was the last straw like?

People who strongly believe that there is a problem with white privilege, why do you?

What’s the best quote from a video game?

What movies

What's the best job/industry job?