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[Serious] conservatives: how have your views changed since Trump won the election?

Have you ever felt you don't know/have forgotten who you really are? That you don´┐Ż

If your girlfriend was in your mom's basement minivan full of weed and soda what items would she bring to a date?

What is something guys can do to improve their appearance/image?

People who put "People" at the end of their posts, why?

What are some good games that are challenging but also easy

To the people who blame their addiction to video games or anime/manga for their inability to function normally, how do you explain to people that you used to be a gamer/an anime/manga girl?

People of reddit who had a crush on their childhood friend(s), how did it happen, and did you ever consider moving on?

Dear women of reddit...if you find a penis in your panties, how would you feel about giving it a good fap?

People of reddit who were born in the time of the internet what was it like to be a kid then and what would it be like to be a teenager now?

Ladies of India, what sizes do you consider small, and do you consider a woman's immodesty to be a compliment?

What are you eating right now?

What was a great thing people forgot about you?

What are the advantages of having a white girlfriend?

People who download porn and then watch it with their boyfriend/girlfriend, why?

Question for the reddit guys: Have you ever had a girl approach you awkwardly in a nightclub or on a date? If so, what did you do?

You're a 4-episode fling with the same name as your

What's the longest lasting impression you have of someone you've ever met?

What is the best time to go to sleep?

What does one day of the 2020s UFASH represent?

What is something that you want to ask someone special, but you can't bring yourself to ask?

How have you won the lottery?

What do you do when you start to miss someone?

What would a white South Park character be like?

In 2019, the President announces that the USA is no longer a union. What do you think will be the official slogan of the USA?