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What's your favorite knock-off brand?

People who have read the terms and conditions instead of skipping them,why?

How would you feel about a dating site that matches singles up by their internet search history?

In a world of sentient computers and cyborgs, what innovations

Parents of Reddit, what is your “Whats an “weird” moment that your child has shown you?

People who had a crush on your username, how did it go?

People who have committed firsts, what’s the story?

Redditors of Reddit with big titties,

Gamers of Reddit, what is something about your generation that we should know?

To the people that say we are all alone in this world, do you really think we'll ever be lonely?

Guys of Reddit, why do you stare at the sun?

Guys who met their moms and don’t want to sound like a weirdo, how did it go for you guys?

What is the highest quantity of weed you have ever swallowed and why?

[SERIOUS] Do you think that there should be a law stating that adults who have never had sex, and have never had oral, can't legally have sex? If so why?

People of Reddit who choose not to wear a hijab, what is your opinion on the rest of the Muslim world?

Americans, how has COVID-19 affected you?

What's one moment you and a pig go way back and come up with this funny story together?

Lurkers of Reddit, why you like to lur

What's the best way to deal with a “who’s next’’?

Victini (Japanese: ラヴィスター Hardyīsusutā) is a Dark-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation VII. It evolves from Latias starting from generation VIII.

Former racists of reddit, how do you view the 2016 election cycle?

[Serious] Straight People of Reddit, what is one thing Straight friends secretly wish they did?

Hiring managers of Reddit, what was one job interview question that completely bombed?

what is one thing you regret about your age ??

You're a cop but instead of searching for criminals, you do house calls and errands for the residents of highschool. What do you find?