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In one week, Jesus will be 77 years old and be cremated. What miracle ingredients will be put in his new tomb?

If your house was a game, what are some loading screen tips?

What other time period/culture is highly exaggerated?

Your username is your cause of death. How does that go?

Guys of reddit who sucked your virginity, why?

Pseudo doctors of reddit, have you ever been “romantically” involved with a client? If so what was it like?

Which tv series from the 90's was underrated and would've been great if the writers had done more with each episode?

To all the young women out there, what is something guys would actually consider hot, and even want to try?

Redditors with kids, what was the funniest or most absurd scenario you’ve been a part of involving a child (serious or comedic)?

Guns and race relations in the united states: how far will you go to defend your country from Trump and his racist administration?

What is the first thing you'd recommend for a girlfriend / wife?

What would you buy a teenager today that would make him/her want to be your sex slave?

How would you feel about a character driven RPG game to shed light on police brutality and the like?

Some opinions are shared with you by someone who has been in an accident. What’s that person's story?

What are the most creative pickup lines your boss has ever heard you say in a job?

If superpowers were real, how do you think your life would change?

What is one quality in yourself that other people are rarely

Fugitives of reddit, how long have you and your co-sock fuckers been on the run, and what is

People who have actually crashed a wedding: how did it go?

[Serious] what are some of the darkest movies you can think of?

How much fun would it be to watch

Fellow humans with black hair, what’s it like to be you?

What’s the one thing that you're good at and why?

Americans of reddit, what is something we can all agree on?

What would you think if The Last Airbender was rated R and there was a war?