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People who write “sad” posts on /r/AskReddit, why do you do this?

The best ways to pass the time in 2019?

What types of soggy cereal do you prefer?

What are some minor annoyances that are not nearly as bad as most people make them out to be?

Guys, which female character has a good side and why?

The Last Of Us Part II Review: Is It Worth Playing? Why Or Why Not?

The first Death Note game was a disaster, but now that it's being remade, how would the sequel be different?


Would you be upset if your nipples had tiny little hands on them? Why or why not?

Do you use Google as your primary search engine? If so why?

If discrimination is tolerable, why is discrimination about overregulation?

What would be the dumbest thing a counselor has said to you that actually made you sick?

How would you feel about a donut hole in Ljubljana?

Christians, what do you think of some of the Bible's specific language?

Who else

Fuck my tits, why can't people love me for who I am?

Is Canada doing enough to combat racism against immigrants?

Bitcoin only exists to make people feel bad. It doesn't exist to make anything. Why would you do anything to make yourself feel better?

What's a wonderful memory from a childhood filled with joy and happiness?

What's something that people tend to say in a joking or teasing way?

People of reddit, are you affiliated with any particular group? If so, what are your opinions on other people's affiliations?

Possibly involving running, swimming or any mental challenges. Do you think a boy who can run faster than most

What to do to stop procrastinating?

Former Klu Klux Klansman (from August 2015), what's your view on the current situation and potential for violence?

What are some ways to simultaneously be smart and obnoxious at the same time?