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What do you think will be the new nsfw law?

You're 13 years old, get lost in a series of strange dark alleys, eventually find the right one, it has the motto "Just One More"?

Why do some white people see colorblindness as a badge of honor?

What are some of the creepiest, yet not offensive, internet catchphrases you've come across?

People with giant titties: how does it feel when your penis gets a little erect?

People who are against crests or other such ugly symbols of Western civilization what makes you feel bad?

Why do we complain about McDonald's Quarter Pounders but absolutely love the Big Mac?

You are now the manager of cringy rich girl, how do you please her?

What’s something that is surprisingly hard to do, but is absolutely worth your time?

What did you do for a living when you were kid?

If you met an identical twin to the one you are reading this from, who would you call?

What are some improvements you're planning to make to the United States under Trump's leadership?

Lost my microwave after two weeks, and can't find it anywhere online :(

All that glitters are not gold, and while diamonds are rare, rubies are common, why do people care so much about rare?

Men of Reddit, what would you like men to stop doing to women?

As a child, what was the most bizarre thing you’ve seen at birthday parties?

What’s the best meal your body has ever tasted?

How do we know that the police are racist?

What is one thing you're good at and one thing you're

What are the Pro's and Cons of Every YouTube Short Story Contest In 2018?

"You can never have enough sexy anime porn to fill your lazy ass. What are your fapping tips?"

What are some of the BIGGEST misconceptions about anime and Manga that most people have about them?

What’s something that you can do in just 30 minutes?

People with self confidence issues, how do you go through with it and are you guys on the whole thing "man up"?

If Mark Zuckerberg were to own a porn website, what would his advertising policies be?