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People of Reddit with less than a year to live, what’s your worst day in your life?

When did being naked make you feel sexy?

if someone was going to die when you arrived at their house what would be the last thing they’d want to steal?

Divorce attorneys of Reddit, what's your best personal example of someone

What's the most powerless thing you can do?

What are some good ways to start a conversation with a girl?

Why do you think reddit is the way it is?

What are the Top 5 Creepy/Unexplainable Things that you have encountered in your travels?

Evolution denialists, what do you think the theory should be called?

What is your solution to being fat?

Man: You see a "pervert" in the bushes next to your computer. Internet goes down, and she sees me lurking. What do you do?

That's right. I'm an urban myth. Why are people convinced I'm real?

What would your ideal cereal would be if you had one?

People of reddit who have made the "people who actually exist" vlog, what's the story?

What was the best thing you’ve ever said to your dog?

People who were sexually abused as kids, how are you now?

This question comes from America, so pls down with us.

You’re 14 years old, it is positivity hour, the police brutality and fear mongering that is trending in America and the world is equaled with one statement; you say “I will rock this world” what do you do?

What's a funny story you've heard from someone who has encountered racism?

Chris Hansen of TNT tweeted that he thought he was going to die. What’s going to happen to him?

[Serious] Republicans who will not be voting for Trump in November, what are your reasons?

What is a thing that is loved by everyone, but you hate the majority of Reddit?

What if someone in 10 years found out we all just sat around and did nothing but that is what we have been doing all this time?

Why do most redditors hate Greta Thunberg so much?

What can you say as a funeral director but also during sex?