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What is your new favourite type of fap and why?

How does one go about introducing a new breed of dog to the world?

You are gifted a baby on your 21 first birthday but with all the special needs your personality requires you to do an exorcism. What do you do?

What was the best way you ever managed to ruin a perfectly good frick?

if you had a question for r/AskReddit , what would it say?

What is a good, non-sexual way to say "aww" ?

People of Reddit who were adopted/parted, how did

Who do you think is cooler: Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader?

People who wear shoes inside their houses, why?

Old Dark Age... how do you feel about it now?

After a month of this, what's your favourite moment from the

What's your favourite quote from the Star Wars?

What's the most innocuous thing a puss has ever done that made you ask, "What the fuck is this?"?

If people still choose to wear masks out in public, are there ways to make them inconspicuous? If not, what are some other creative ways of disguising yourself?

What's the best way you've seen someone overcome an addiction?

[serious] Whats a real life superhero weakness?

You’re dating a gorgeous lady who’s identical to the late Andy Warhol but she’s a neurotic teenager with no friends and is constantly on the psych ward with a manicurist; what do you do?

People who lived at home with your parents, what was your childhood like?

People who actually had sex with a video game, what was it like? Would you do it again?

What are the odds of getting someone pregnant

What was a turn off for some people, but if you really like a person

People of Reddit with a photographic memory, what’s it like on the inside? is it crazy like a camera in your head?

What does the word 'ain't' have a religious connotation to you?

Do girls still wear panties when they are SO FUCKING CRAZY?

I've heard that “there’s a lot of love for dogs on Reddit” but I feel a bit sheepish when I see pictures of people feeding or carrying a crying child.