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Scared out of your mind by the prospect of meeting a celebrity person, you go the extra mile and book a hotel room? Why or why not?

What was the most tense moment in your life?

What do u think about gay marriage?

You’re 9 years old, and you are asked to take a truth or dare from a fictional character to the next level; it has to do with the last thing you remember from the first thing you remember; what is it?

Redditors of Reddit, if you could buy any commodity with nothing but a thought, what would it be?

White Men of Reddit, What has been done to you personally that has made you question the validity of the system?

Can someone please explain to

how do you do ur homework especially if its complex like calculus?

Papa John's is coming to town and they will have their own mascot – a donkey. What other strange mascots will be created at their promotional events?

Redditors of Reddit who have responded to a post that offended you: What was that post?

Why do you hate bridesmaids?

As a kid, what was the best wish you could make for someone special?

What do you consider the perfect name for a fap shot?

How can people believe that rape is an exaggerated story told to make money, but that actually happens?

What's your “thing’ that is absolutely outrageous if true “?

If you could go back and forth in the current series of K-POP with no other contestants, who would you choose?

Which Dog Breed is Bad Ass?

People of Reddit with a photographic memory, what’s the weirdest photo you’ve ever seen someone do?

What is something that is socially acceptable now, but which you believe will be completely different in the future?

What's your all time favorite rap song?

For those who claim to be so, what are you actually good at?

One of the most requested features in the forums is a poll to find the most annoying. So... who do u think would upvote the most?

Even after all the free stuff a college graduate is expected to spend on Netflix, the price of a movie still remains stubbornly high at $0.79, why?

What is something people always ask you, that you've never really expected?

What can one person, in moderation, do to fight global warming?