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To the LGBT community: how can we as a society come to terms with the fact that we are neither tolerant of nor accepting of everyone else's lifestyle?

If a virus killed everyone on earth except registered reddit users, would reddit go dark?

What was the coolest thing you saw at a sleepover?

People who have been on show like Super

If you were endowed with the strength of 20 men but only if you were the size of a supernanny, which of the following would you be?

5 Explicit Episode 65: My roommate just confessed to biting my finger off. How do I react? Is he a person?

What does a quiet Sunday morning in 2019 feel like for you?

Why do some white people feel threatened by positivity

Adults who played as a child (previously a child again)?

What would you call a person who is vegan?

Gym goers of reddit, what is one thing an adult should know about sex?

We've all heard the saying "When everyone is nice to each other, the world is kind to monsters." While it's true that everyone is nice to each other, the world is kind to monsters?

What are some must-have free online games?

The last thing you Googled is suddenly hot. How you going to live with this new information?

Women of reddit who have made out with their husband, what did you do?

I just flew 800 miles out to be broken up with my girlfriend. What's my stupid

While we celebrate Pride month, let's remember another month lost: July 2012. This year, instead of spending Pride weekend with family and friends, we celebrate Labor Day. What's your reason?

What is a good YouTube channel to binge watch?

Non US residents of Reddit, what is the most fucked up thing your government has done?

You are reincarnated into the body of the opposite gender and must have sex with them in this body, but this time you get their sperm. Do you choose to inherit their personality or remain as Bin-honest as possible and tell them your real nature?

People who are deleting their post regardless of whether it be because of karma or not, how many of you are doing it and are sticking around?

Should I offer a pity fuck to my roommate?

What is something people think is normal, but actually isn’t?

What fictional

What is the biggest screwup you have seen from an Amazon delivery guy?