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What is better than nothing?

Anonymously lurked on 4chan's /a/, a board for anime-themed jokes, was what the Redditor(s) decided to call him?

J.K. Rowling originally wanted to make Harry visit all four Hogwarts House common room, but couldn't think of a valid reason to visit the Hufflepuff common room, could you

One of the great things about the internet is that anybody can post something on it and expect to get a thousand upvotes. So why aren't people sharing this stuff?

Girls of reddit, what’s the most picturesque place you’ve ever wanked it?

What is your favorite book that got a perfect score from us?

People who got a post on the front page of Reddit but have yet to post anything, how are you doing right now?

You are sent back to the day the titanic set sail with nothing but a 3rd party dock worker to keep you company (protip: have someone else who can talk to you without even thinking about it) what would you do to stop the titanic from sinking?

We all know about underage drinking, but what about porn use?

you are turned into a pig, your mainstays are turned into jerky, what’s your new addiction?

When did you first experience a “we didn’t start the Fire” story?

Some people complain that no one will ever love them. Well guess what? Nobody will ever love you. You are the one who will. You are everything everyone has ever wanted but nobody could have until you are.

What's the strangest thing your pet has said?

For those who know a drunk / high fmer who became a teacher, what was that experience like?

What is the most contrived death you have ever witnessed?

What do you think about Popeye?

[Serious] For those who were dating/in love with someone that ended, what was it like ?

You're 17 and you meet your real parents. They're kind of mean but you know how to please them and why?

What say you about Grandpa science?

Mattel releases the "Horny Turtle" class toy after years of speculation and copyright issues. What do you think of the design?

Whats the most obvious lie a player or a fan agent has told you in an attempt to make you cry?

To the people who blame the fluffy animals for the boners of humans, why?

Whats your absolute worst nightmare?

[serious] what are signs of growing up?

Guys, you can use the money you saved by not having kids to open as many as you can. What would you open?