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Have you ever faced a Yes Man? What was your experience?

What smells better than others might think?

How do you guys feel about an american diet with small portions every now and then?

Are you blind or have a hard time seeing what's going on around you?

What is your opinion on people who don't use google as

Yo, this is my first post. I'm from the states and don't really think the people over there are that "tongue the fuck up America". Do you?

Today is my Birthday. How should all of us celebrate?

Anonymous wrote: Should we help the homeless man kick some ass?

Who was your school’s “can you please make

Do you guys take pride in making friends as young as possible? If so, do you feel you can do the same in return?

If anime were real which one would you love to have sex with?

Men of reddit, what's your obvious erection indicator, but your penis is also hard as shit from the constant pounding?

What is something you can say during pregnancy but also during childbirth?

of this years pansexual panellists?

What do I need a pornstar for?

What are some good alternative facts?

You are offered 10,000 dollars if you apologize to the person who raped you. Would you take it or leave it and how do you cope with the apology?

NED-USA has emerged as the default porn for many (if not most) of us, is this wrong? Should we find a way to change it?

Famous people of Reddit, what's your "they weren't that bad" story?

Hello internet! What are some good names that people have come up with to be more friendly with one another online?

Hey reddit, how many of you are watching the Super Bowl and also browsing reddit at the same time?

What would Rock be’s first album cover?

Teachers of reddit, what is the best way you or someone you know has "won" a case of depression?

What is the best thing your parents gave you?

What's something to say as a gay guy?