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Without naming it, what is your nationality?

What did you think was the biggest mistake you ever made as a child?

Americans of Reddit, what is something about yourself that most people don't know?

How come girls are more likely to initiate physical relationships than boys are?

What amuses you about life?

What celebrity would you think was most screwed up from the stress of the recently released music video?

What’s the most useless thing a child has ever taught you?

[Serious] why can't people agree that we need to move on from this racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, etc

[serious] what’s your worst porn story?

How would you feel about a porno directed at women?

Redditors of Reddit - What is the best moment your subreddit has ever had?

What do you think about the protest that broke out in the US this past weekend?

The FBI director said he could ask any question you wanted about Russia and that you wouldn't be offended. Do you think the same applies to America?

At this moment, are you pleased with your current situation? Why or why not?

Which animal in cartoons is the hardest to draw?

Ladies, how does it feel when a penis feels like it is going to go inside you?

Everyone's a bit of a [insert superhero name] except Batman... what are some superpowers?

In which categories would a 10/10 be good?

How to be a better Reddit, what's the worst thing you've ever done?

Do you think your parents are / are you?

What things have you learned from your last relationship?

What do you do if your parents knock on your front door and tell you they have a surprise for you?

What's the greatest thing your country has ever done?

Whats your favourite place in the world?

What are some valid complaints about XCOM: Enemy Unknown ?