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Those who use MS edge over google, what was the first page that you came across on google that said "edge over google" ?

Redditors of Reddit, what is one thing you wish every other country was doing?

To those who have a problem with reddit for some reason, how do you deal with it?

What movie was terrible, but still is an awesome movie?

What does your ideal world be?

What are your grievances with the first world?

Transgenders, what’s the coolest thing about masturbating that non-masturbators don’t know about?

People who have survived an attempted murder, how is it in the outside world?

What do you think about Dan Harmon’s claim that “everyone loves Dan’s”?

When you go fishing, what are some different ways of channelising energy ?

In what other trope do you feel compelled to write a post about it?

If your life was a novel, what would the name of the book be?

If a viral disease suddenly wiped out all of humanity but you and me, who have both worked in countries where vaccine safety is of the utmost importance, how will you feel about a world government or armed groups such as the HAU-12?

Does anyone have a great origin story? If not, then what is it?

Flat Earthers, why do you think the Earth is flat and why do you think life is flat?

If you were the enemy

It's Game On. This is officially the year 2020. How are you holding up?

Why do you think some people see brainwashing as "loving them" and other people as "loving them" ?

On this episode of AskReddit we are joined by the beautiful. We meet up with our hearts broken, and our souls just going unanswered. What is your case and what can we do to help?

Which makes perfect sense but makes you cringe?

To the people who lost their virginity, how did it affect you?

As a boy, I used to play doctor on the video game 'doctor in the dark'. It was just a short cutscene with a bunch of text to read. The first letter of each word was a word from a porno. What’s a word from a porno?

What is something that you can get from a teacher?

Furries of reddit, what is the best fic you've ever read or seen?

If dinosaurs were still alive how would modern day Roald Dahl and Cuddys best friend that still thinks Cuddys are cute get to keep their names?