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What are some pretty fucked up coincidences or events that are difficult to make up?

Redditors, who prefer not to associate with crime, explain why?

College graduates, what is the best advice you've received from an advisor?

What do you think life would be like if everyone on Earth was living in the Matrix?

You are given a computer and the ability to upload anything to the web. What is the first thing you upload?

You have to fight a REAL monster: a 24-hour battle with a TV remote control version of the fiend. Which weapon do you choose?

Cat lovers of Reddit, have you ever cat fucken a kitten? If so how did it go?

What are the weirdest things you've ever seen while having sex?

What is a 50/50 chance at an orgasmic experience?

Nurses of Reddit, have you ever had a patient who came in with a bleeding face? If so, what did you do?

Redditors, have you experienced anti anti racist/bigotry like we do with Jim Crow laws/unfair labor practices? What's going on in your life?

What are some unhealthy habits of yours that are keeping you from happiness?

What new and interesting website would you like to launch in 2017?

What is your opinion about this sub having so many fucking rules and the karma it gets?

What’s something that when you played as a child was so much fun but as an adult you just can’t get into anymore?

(NSFW) What's your worst childhood memory?

A new dating app is launched with profiles of famous people and famous places. The first profile people use, who's first, will tell you everything you need to know about people, places and everything in between. How would it go?

Girls of reddit what is the best penis size is, in terms of length and girth?

The second highest ranking Obama administration official, Chuck Todd, asked Sanders if he would expand Obama's drone program. The Vermont Senator replied "absolutely."

What if skin colour is taken as a sign of internalisation of a commodity?

With everything going on right in terms of pandemic, economic and political instability, and the possibility for world war III, what is the perfect day to introduce yourself to a stranger?

What is it you're rickrolls?

parents of Reddit: What is something you would add to this question but wouldn't?

Your userscript is the last thing you typed before shutting it down. What is it?

What does your ideal woman look like?