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[Serious] Nsfw jokes about relationships, what does a good threesome consist of?

Females of Reddit, if it was scientifically possible to get a penis/vagina back in a women's but retaining all of the other physical characteristics (shape, voice, weight, etc.) would it be penis or vagina ?

What are some solid, first-world countries to move to?

What's your stupidest "experiment" and why?

When did you have that "Oh I fucking remember" moment where you could not believe what you were expecting to be amazing but instead what you got was amazing?

What is the best thing about America?

What would an alien life form be like?

Women of Reddit, what do you think of the way men talk to you about their penises? Do you notice when they do it, or is it part of everyday life?

What's the strangest thing you've been called?

Who is someone you would definitely want to fuck?

Doctors of reddit, what's the most shocking case of mistaken identity you've ever seen?

Ladies of reddit, what is a nickname you would give your penis if you had one?

Maybe it's 2018, and the 2020 Olympic Games are gonna be held somewhere like Tokyo, so... what are some good games to hold on to until the Games start (or until someone finally wins a gold medal for mankind)?

Reddit, what is one thing you wish was normalised?

What is the cover of a new issue. + do you have an opinion on the cover?

What are some ways to give back to the community that you feel is important and good?

What could conceivably fuck up 2020 even more?

People who like Clydesdales, why?

What's the best sub redditor name you can think of?

What is the best memory from your childhood that you are happy with?

Seventeen and over? What's a good excuse?

What are your favorite moments from the Trump presidency?

How would you feel about a movie entitled 'Camera Obscura' where a professional photographer goes undercover as a camera obscura to document human rights abuses around

[serious] what is the most overrated movie of all time?

What was a weapon you had in combat?