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What's a dream job that some people have that is actually a real job?

What kind of masculine/feminine traits does a childhood best friend usually have?

People who follow 538: Help Wanted, why do you do it?

What was the worst thing you ever had to make up?

What's a job that can be done by single people?

What's a "thing" that you think everyone should know?

Does anyone else lost their shit on the internet?

What has been the most useful thing you've ever found online?

what is something a lot of people hate about themselves?

How can a country as advanced as the US allow a large amount of teenagers to attend free high school and still fund the military?

What if Someone Blows Your Car?

What are some comedy movie plot holes the OP could fill in?

If your life was a book, which character is your best and why?

Gamers, what are some good quotes from a video game?

[Serious] why are you so mad?

People with birthmarks, how do you feel about them and what do you wish people stopped thinking was weird when they came to see you?

Scientists of Reddit, what is the best way to combat climate change?

What are some good non-sexual things to masturbate to?

What are the super powers of your gender?

If an accident killed you, what would your last moments be like?

What would you do if you found out that your parents are zombies and are forcing themselves on you?

White Men of Reddit, What’s a Great Thing to say To a Black Girl?

What is a song everyone has heard but doesn’t always remember the name of?

Would you vote for a sex offender to have his or her license revoked and your reddit account suspended for 7 days? Why or why not?

In this group of Like-minded people, what will always be an obsession for you?